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Warlord Games Goes Inside Cruel Seas: Close Quarters

While many WWII naval combat games focus on battleships, destroyers, and aircraft carriers, there were countless smaller vessels that fought and were just as pivotal to the conflict. Cruel Seas brings these lesser ships to the forefront. In Close Quarters, a whole bunch of new rules and scenarios are introduced. In this article, we get a look inside and see just what this book brings to the waves.

From the post:

Cruel Seas enjoyed enormous success when it was launched back in 2018. As a result, there emerged quite a scope for further development of the system. The result of these labours is Close Quarters! Written by John Lambshead, the supplement expands the game in three key areas: with the introduction of new scenarios, new ships with accompanying rules, and the expansion of the core ruleset to update aircraft, submersibles and invasions.

Whilst the book is not a standalone ruleset, requiring the existing Cruel Seas rules to use, the new rules can be treated as ‘bolt-on’ modules to be added to games as and when players see fit. This flexibility allows the player to customise the game to their interests and provides methods to more easily allow for pick-up-and-play games.