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Warlord Games Features the Action Deck in Blood Red Skies

Blood Red Skies has a new 2-player starter set, focusing on the battle of Midway. It's a perfect place for new players to get involved in the game. We've seen the two main aircraft used in the fight, now Warlord Games is looking at the game's mechanics further with a feature on the Action Deck.

From the article:

A fighting squadron was much more than just a combination of the personal abilities of its pilots and the performance of its aeroplanes. Many factors would influence a squadron’s mission like the mechanical and design characteristics of its aeroplanes, the training received or the environment of the combat theatre.

In Blood Red Skies, these factors are represented through the Action Deck. The contents of each player’s action deck will be greatly influenced by the aircraft and pilots in their squadrons, as well as the theatre and particular scenario for the game about to be played. The action deck will thus be a mixture of Trait, Theatre and Doctrine cards. Ace skill cards and Equipment cards are also available as options.