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Warlord Games Explores Pocket Battleships In Victory at Sea

Anyone else want to call them Pokebatts? I mean, they're battleships that fit in your pocket (well, if you have extremely huge pockets, I suppose). That is to say, they're smaller ships that still have the armor and weaponry of full-size battleships. And they're what we get a deeper look into in Victory at Sea in this article from Warlord Games.

From the article:

The launch of the new Deutschland-class of warships marked a turning point for the Kriegsmarine and Germany as a whole. While the rest of the world followed the dictates of the Washington Treaty, these vessels broke all rules imposed on Germany. Though still relatively small in size, they were well armoured and carried the type of armament traditionally seen only on battleships. It quickly became apparent that only another battleship could successfully defeat one in open combat and so the term ‘pocket battleship’ was coined to describe this new breed of warship. Their fighting history was to become chequered. While the Admiral Scheer successfully plied the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, disrupting merchant shipping wherever it went, the Admiral Graf Spee was famously cornered during the Battle of the River Plate and scuttled herself soon after.