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Warlord Games Explores Jets in Blood Red Skies

WWII was not the first time fixed-wing aircraft were used widely in combat. That would be WWI. However, with the pressure that war puts on innovation, planes from the start of the conflict were prop-driven, but jet planes were coming into their own at the end. In this article, Warlord Games explores jets in their WWII minis game, Blood Red Skies.

From the article:

The game of Blood Red Skies is primarily concerned with the dogfighting of relatively sluggish prop-driven aircraft of World War Two. However, in the latter stages of the war the World’s first operation jet-powered fighter aircraft entered the fray, the Messerschmitt Me-262. Though this was far too late to improve the fortunes of the beleaguered Luftwaffe, it did set the precedent for future jet-powered aircraft…