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Warlord Games Compares Submarines in Cruel Seas

Submarines. The silent killer of the seas. In Cruel Seas, they can be a real game-changer, pretty much literally. In this article, Warlord Games takes a look over their use in the game as well as comparing between the German and English subs, arguably the two best types during the war.

From the post:

The German U-Boat VIIc will shortly be emerging from the depths. We compare it to the Royal Navy T-class Submarine in Cruel Seas.

Submarines saw tremendous success in the first World War- they were a sharpened and precise instrument of naval blockades. They were not particularly manoeuvrable whilst submerged, travelling like any other surface vessel. However as radar and aircraft detection techniques improved, so too did the ability of submarines to remain submerged. This was particularly evident in German developments.

Winston Churchill said that the only thing that really worried him was the “U-Boat peril”. Indeed, had Doenitz, veteran German U-Boat commander had gotten his way, the U-boat threat would have been damningly more significant. The German high command disagreed with his ideas, and thus he only began the war with 55 submarines, rather than the 300 he had hoped for.