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Warlord Games Black Friday Sale Happening Now

Thanksgiving is still just under 2 weeks away, but Warlord Games is already jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon (they're not even the first, so why not?). You can head over to their webshop and pick up all sorts of great deals now. And hey, it's still plenty early so you can get your figures shipped before the holidays. But you'll need to hurry.

From the website:

We have got a huge range of models and games to choose from and throughout this Black Friday period, you can expect updates each Monday, Wednesday & Friday with new specials and fresh offers.

We have to say of course that each offer is subject to availability of each item within any given collection, while stocks last. To make sure everyone has a chance to grab a bargain some items will be limited to only a few per order.

Where an item is discounted you will see this applied to your order basket. Lastly, don’t forget that if you have a Warlord membership, are a stockist or have a special code, then this can be used when you checkout.