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Warlord Games Announces Updated Pricing

I'm not an economist. Nor do I play one on tv. I do know, however, that prices are going to change over time. Inflation, currency exchanges, all sorts of things lead to this. In this particular case, we're talking about Warlord Games. They've announced some price changes to various units in their shop. Want to know what you'll be paying? Go check out the update.

From the post:

On the 3rd of February 2020 a number of our products will be subject to a price adjustment, following an increase in cost from our material suppliers. This page details every product to be affected.

This price change will come into effect on 3rd February 2020. Until this date, any order placed upon our webstore will not be subject to a postage charge*

*Very heavy items may still carry a surcharge

A whole swathe of our products have been affected, including Bolt Action order dice, some rulebooks, Blood Red Skies Aircraft and significantly, plastic infantry box sets.

Please note, our Army Sets which contain any of these items will not be increasing in price – making them even better value for money!

Any orders placed prior to 3rd February will honour the current price. It’s the prime time to snap up that hobby goodness.