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Warlord Games Announces Membership Program

First off, I love the difference between British English and American English. For most Americans, a "scheme" is something a villain does in a movie. For the British, it's just a thing. So, whenever I see "A Membership Scheme" I'm like, "are they going to steal a train or something?" But no, Warlord Games is not trying to steal a train. They're actually looking to get your discounts, free items, and other perks.

From the website:

We are proud to announce the launch of the Warlord Membership scheme!

Packed with cool features, offers, FREE stuff and more…

Warlord Games Membership costs £50 (inclusive of VAT) per year, and provides the following benefits:

  • Your Warlord Membership Card
  • 10% discount on all orders
  • Useable in the Warlord Web store, at the Warlord HQ store and at our official event stands
  • A monthly newsletter just for members
  • Access to buy selected Special Edition miniatures
  • Access to Members Only future offers
  • Free sample product with your first qualifying order each month!

Part of your membership will include access to purchase special and limited edition figures such as those we include only with a physical copy of a rule book. As a member, you’ll see these being added to a collection only you can browse in the very near future.