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Warlord Games Announces Bolt Action: Combined Arms Board Game

Warlord Games is known for their various miniatures games that bring the intense fighting throughout history to your tabletops. Soon, they'll be doing that in an all-new way with Bolt Action - Combined Arms, a new strategic board game that they've been working on.

From the announcement:

Bolt Action – Combined Arms is a strategic board game that commands the players to face off, seize the initiative and outwit their foe amidst the fog of war. Each game will see you fighting for control of air, land, and sea in order to claim objectives and hold them against the enemy.

Combined Arms includes finely detailed plastic miniatures featuring five different objectives as well as unit markers that represent Army (Infantry and Armour), Naval, and Aircraft units (brown for Allies, green for Axis) as well as Blitz markers to represent fast moving units. The objectives also come in brown and green to represent captured objectives, with grey objectives representing those yet to be captured.