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Warlord Games Announces Black Powder Second Edition

The Year of New Editions rolls on. This time around, it's Warlord Games who's getting in on the action with Black Powder 2nd Edition. Pre-orders go on sale in a day, with the first 250 people that order getting their copy signed by Rick Priestley. They've got a handy countdown timer to make sure you're ready for when that kicks off.

From the website:

The first 250 people to pre-order Black Powder 2nd Edition will get their copy signed by Rick Priestley.

Black Powder 2nd Edition is also available as a Collector’s Edition. Shown below is the dust cover on the left and the book itself, with black leatherette cover with gold foil, on the right. There are only 250 Collector’s Editions of Black Powder 2nd Edition, all signed by Rick Priestley.

Both versions come with a free Napoleonic British Naval Officer when purchased from Warlord Games.