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Warlord Games Announces Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo

My, my. At Waterloo, Napoleon did surrender. Oh, yeah. And I have met my destiny in quite a similar way. And soon, you can, too. Or maybe, this time, Napoleon will win. You can find out in Black Powder Epic Battles: Waterloo, a new set from Warlord Games that brings you everything you need to recreate this historic battle.

From the article:

What makes for an Epic Battle? After the triumphant release of our Epic Battles: American Civil War range last year, we’ve been pondering which other period of the Black Powder Age would warrant the Epic Battles treatment. There are far too numerous possibilities to list them all here, but ultimately the answer was obvious. The battle that is universally cited as a critical turning point in European military history – its outcome ushering in (relative) peacetime on the continent and ending an era of warfare that had begun with the French Revolution in the 1790s: Sunday 18th June 1815 – Waterloo.

The Most Epic Battle at an Epic Scale

This is one of our biggest ever releases – with two starter sets, one each for the British and French to choose from – each absolutely stuffed with miniatures, this is the ultimate way to replicate the most famous battle in history (or any other Hundred Days Campaign battles) on an Epic, yet manageable, scale.

Each of the two starter sets contains over 1000 figures, plus terrain, a bespoke A5 rulebook, bases and everything to get you started. Each contains a mixture of infantry, heavy cavalry, light cavalry, artillery and commanders all in plastic. Cavalry is vital for Napoleonic gaming and so we’ve made sure to cover the most iconic regiments in numbers that best represent how many were fielded in the armies covered (ie. British Scots Greys are in the box but only 2 per sprue as there was only one regiment of them).