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Warlord Games Adds Amphibious Assaults to Black Seas and Black Powder

The amphibious landing. It's been a staple of warfare for thousands of years as water-based troops storm the beaches to fight a foe on the land. Warlord Games is bringing these exciting battles to your games of Black Seas and Black Powder with a new set of rules that they've posted up over on their website.

From the post:

With the release of Black Seas this month, we’ve added a whole new dimension to games of Black Powder. Amphibious operations have begun!

Since the dawn of civilisation, the sea has been both a blessing and a curse to military planners. On the one hand, it allowed the rapid redeployment of troops across a continent-spanning empire, while on the other it provided a near-insurmountable obstacle, stronger than even the toughest fortification.

At many points across history, it has become necessary to land a body of men on a hostile coastline, oftentimes opposed by a highly motivated and determined foe.

While the initial landings and establishment of a beachhead were crucial to success, these operations were often won or lost at the strategic level – if an enemy fleet was able to interdict the invasion force, or cut the beachhead off from supplies and reinforcements, the landings would fail.