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Warlord Game Taking Pre-Orders for Halfling Warband

The halflings are marching to war. Don't pat them on the head. Don't call them cute. Don't ask how the weather is down there. They're ready to cut their way through any opposing force they might find. Warlord Games is taking pre-orders for the new Halfling Warband for Warlords of Erehwon.

From the post:

This fantastic set is the perfect way to get started with Warlord of Erehwon. You’ll get enough miniatures to make the following units:

  • A Halfling Chief Sheriff with two henchmen and 2 wizards
  • 3x Goat Heroes
  • 10x Halfling Infantry Militia
  • 10x Halfling Archers
  • 10x Halfling with Spears
  • 10x Halflings with Swords
  • 5x Halfling Goat Rider Archers
  • 5x Halfling Goat Rider with Spears
  • 5x Halfling Goat Riders with Swords
  • 5x Halfling Heavy Pig Riders
  • Halfling Pot Launcher
  • Halfling Rocket Launcher
  • 3x Treemen

With their leafy allies in tow, this warband is prepared to defend the Moot against any threat!