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Warhammer Releases New Warcry Mini-Campaign

Games Workshop has a new mini-campaign that you can go on with your games of Warcry. Get your 3 greatest opponents together and see who will come out on top of A Fool's Trove in Ulfenkarn.

From the article:

Welcome back, brave traveller, to Call of the Everchosen. This latest journey to discover new ways to play Warcry takes you into the accursed darkness of Shyish for a multiplayer campaign. Here to tell you more is the warden of Warcry rules, Sam Pearson.

Sam: In last month’s instalment of Call of the Everchosen, we detailed a campaign for two players set in the shadowy streets of Anvilgard in the last weeks before its fall. This month, you’re getting another urban campaign, this time in a very different locale. Today, we travel deep into the Realm of Death, to the cursed city of Ulfenkarn.

‘A Fool’s Trove in Ulfenkarn’ is a campaign for four players. In it, players are free to choose any faction for their warband of would-be treasure seekers. Each group is roaming the Cursed City to find the ruined Ven Silveren estate before their rivals and take the riches that are rumoured to lie in the household’s crypts for themselves.

This gives you the perfect excuse to start up a new warband. For example, you could put together a band of stalwart Kharadron Overlords on the hunt for gold or perhaps a Necromancer seeking to earn the favour of Ulfenkarn’s ruler, the feared Vampire Lord, Radukar the Wolf.