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Warhammer Day Coming This Month

Sure, many of us know October 31st as Halloween. But this year, it's also going to be Warhammer Day. Games Workshop even has a special, limited edition mini that you'll be able to order as you celebrate all things miniatures.

From the article:

Sometimes, we all need to take a break and celebrate the things that bring us joy. That’s why, on Saturday the 31st of October,* we’re celebrating all things Warhammer with the aptly-named Warhammer Day.


Whether playing games is your passion, or you’re a voracious reader of Black Library books, an aspiring Golden Demon winner, or you just like looking at models, it’s your day.

Of course, no celebration of Warhammer would be complete without a model to remember it by… and Warhammer Day will have its very own commemorative Citadel miniature. Meet Terminator Chaplain Tarentus.

This glorious Space Marine Chaplain in Terminator Armour can be used by any Chapter, including the Deathwatch and Grey Knights – perfect for adding some litany-chanting close combat might to your armies.

Chaplain Tarentus will be available in stores and online from Warhammer Day itself until the 8th of November – so make sure to order yours while you can! In the meantime, head to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share what you love about Warhammer with the community!