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Wanderer Gamebook and Solo RPG Up On Kickstarter

In these times of social isolation, you might be the only one around when it comes time to game. Thankfully, there are some solo RPGs out there. And a new one is coming soon. It's called Wanderer and it's both an adventure book as well as the rules for a full-fledged solo RPG. You can check out this new book on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Wanderer Gamebook+ system is inspired by such classic titles as the Fighting Fantasy series, as well as the Lone Wolf gamebooks by Joe Dever. It's set in a pseudo-Viking, low-fantasy world where the strong prey upon the weak and the innocent need someone to stand up for them. That someone is you.

You play a member of the Yeorseggr, an order of oath-sworn defenders of justice. As a lone agent, your job is to travel the world under orders from the mysterious elders of your brotherhood. Following a shipwreck, youfind yourself in the city of Kalbud.

Equipped with your sacred Halstel armor, you set about to restore peace to the land. Slay giants, rescue the wayward and avenge the death of your comrades in this unique adventure.

The game's more than 4x funded with 12 days left to go.