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Vulcania Steampunk RPG Up On Kickstarter

Most fantasy worlds are fairly low-tech. Magic has basically taken the place of the industrial revolution. But what if one happened anyway? That's what you've got in Vulcania, a new fantasy steampunk RPG game and setting that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Vulcania is a tabletop roleplaying game full of action, conspiracies and investigation, set in the smoky atmospheres of the industrial revolution of a Fantasy - Steampunk world. In Vulcania you can be an adventurer, a soldier, a scientist or a scoundrel fighting to find his place in the world, chasing fame, power, money... or justice. Get involved in sinister plots, explorations of lost places and breathtaking action through wild lands and chaotic metropolis, extraordinary technologies, and deadly fights. Unleash your hero’s powers and prove your worth on the battlefields, use your knowledge to reveal lost secrets, refine your skills to create fantastic objects! All this and even more is what awaits you on Vulcania!!!

Vulcania is an all-in-one rulebook containing Player, Narrator and Creature’s rules so you will not have to buy dozens of manuals before being ready to play.

If funded, we will produce a gorgeous full color, fully illustrated hardcover tome consisting of 390 to 450 pages, depending on the stretch goals reached.

As for getting to those stretch goals, the book is currently about 1/3 funded with still 28 days left to go.