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Vital Lacerda's Railways of Portugal Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Railways of Portugal is a new expansion for Railways of the World. Head to the westernmost European country and add your own mark to the Iberian penninsula. The game is up on Kickstarter now and already more than 2x funded.

From the campaign:

You are supporting a new expansion to the ROTW Series designed by Vital Lacerda with: 

  • New, creative & challenging innovations in the Railways of the World mechanics
  • Cover art by Ian O'Toole 
  • High Quality Production values from Eagle-Gryphon Games 
  • À la carte pricing: One pledge level with many Optional Buys you can add to your pledge
  • The Best Pricing you will find for this game in 2019!
  • A 3-Card Promo Pack FREE for every KS Backer
  • Game-expanding Stretch Goals based on the number of Backers

Portugal is the Westernmost country in Europe. With a coastline that spans over 700km facing the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal uses well-traveled shipping routes in order to develop its industry.
The Portuguese mainland is a crucial geographical presence for the two autonomous island regions — Madeira and the Açores. Most of the exports from these regions are directed to the mainland. While the sea routes for tourism and goods play a role of great importance to the livelihood of these islands, they also offer luxury products of superb quality to the European continent as well.

The campaign is more than 2 funded with still 16 days left to go.