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Virtual Vouchers Available From Games Workshop

At times like these, where many places are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are looking for ways to still sell product. In this case, it's virtual vouchers. So, while the Games Workshop offices and warehouses are closed, you can still buy vouchers for the company so you can still support them during this time. It's a vital thing that people who can manage it should take advantage of so we can ensure our favorite companies and places can still be open after all this is over.

From the website:

When the Time of Reopening* comes, and this store is up and running again, you're probably going to want to stock up on your Warhammer supplies and maybe even start a new Warhammer project.

You can start saving for that day now with Virtual Vouchers, ready to treat yourself to loads of lovely models, books and games! And for every $100 you spend on Virtual Vouchers in April, we'll give you an extra $10!

* That glorious day, when we can all get back to Warhammering properly!