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Village Pillage: Surf and Turf Expansions Up On Kickstarter

Running a village isn't easy. You've gotta maintain the farms. You've gotta deal with the villagers. You need to fend off pillagers (or hire your own to do some pillaging). You've gotta make sure that the turnip stocks are topped off. It's busy, I tell you! And it's about to get busier as Blue Beard Entertainment is looking to expand their popular Village Pillage game with two new expansions: Surf and Turf. They're up on Kickstarter now (you can even get exclusive wooden turnip tokens... though they look more like beets to me)!

From the campaign:

Hold onto your turnips, because Village Pillage is back, with two brand-new expansions: 

Surf introduces a new type of card - Freebooters, who sail into your hand faster than ever before. Whenever you buy a Freebooter, you can then spend an additional turnip to buy another card (including another Freebooter!). But be warned - they’ll abandon ship at the first sign of trouble.  

Turf brings a whole new set of villagers to the market (along with their animal pals), features cards that can affect the entire table (at any player count!), and introduces a brand new mechanism - Provoke! Provoke is the opposite of Exhaust - if your card is Provoked, you must play it next turn.

Each expansion is only $9, and if you buy both, you’ll get the promo pack, which includes the Golem, the Enchantress, and the ability to play the expansions with up to 6 players! 

The campaign's more than 2x funded with 22 days left to go.