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Verge of War Previews Void Raiders

Verge of War will be headed back to Kickstarter soon. Some of the new figures they'll be looking to fund are the Void Raiders. They've posted up a preview of these minis and would love to hear what you have to say about them.

From them to you:

They will become available for order during and after our Second Kickstarter company (in April/May).

Members of Void Raiders assault units are deeply respected and even feared in the pirate brotherhood, and not without reason. They are daring break-necks that are ready to spearhead boarding actions and carry out lightning-fast attacks using their jet-packs. Void Raiders are usually armed with assault pistols and cutlasses.

The unit contains 3 models: a Rungar Pirate, a Triclon Pirate and a Human Pirate.

Purposeful and systematic Rungars see no harm in crippling their enemy’s trade routes. While Rungars themselves become pirates on extremely rare occasions since they are tied to their planets, hiring privateers and supplying them with intel, weapons and hardware is quite common.


Favorites of the Asgar whose civilization was nearly destroyed by the Seit. Just like Kja, Triclons value speed and firepower, but their motive is not greed or lust for adventure. It is the blood thirst that leads them. Anger, desperation and appetite for revenge make Triclons do horrible things.

A Triclon captain will never allow Shorks or Jawgs on board. Their self-imposed isolation could make ammunition and supplies an issue, if not for the access to some nearly Asgar-grade tech.


Nothing stops humans from becoming pirates, and they get along with other races quite well. Human pirates have access to many technologies and a wide range of light weapons: almost any of those available to the Terran military, and even some knights become freebooters.

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