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Vanguard: Boarding Actions in the Fifth Frontier War Skirmish Game Up On Kickstarter

In deep space, many conflicts will be between opposing troops on their ships. Much like the ancient Greeks fought out in the Mediterranean, so will it be as boarding parties rush over to the other vessel, dealing death in the confines and tight quarters of the enemy ship. That's what you'll be doing in Vanguard, a new sci-fi miniatures skirmish game that takes place within the Traveller universe. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Greetings fellow Travellers, and welcome to the Vanguard: Boarding Actions in the Fifth Frontier War Kickstarter project!

This is a project we have been wanting to do for Traveller for a long time now, and we need your help to bring it to light...

Vanguard: Boarding Actions in the Fifth Frontier War is a brand new miniatures game depicting vicious shipboard clashes between Imperial Marines and Zhodani Commandos during one of the mightiest conflicts to occur in Charted Space - the Fifth Frontier War.

This game includes everything you need to engage in these close quarter battles, including full colour deluxe game boards, strategy cards, vital and never-before-seen background covering the Imperium and Zhodani Consulate, and two complete forces ready to fight!

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 29 days.