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Valor: Best in Class RPG Setting For Valor: The Heroic RPG System Up On Kickstarter

I am one of the very few people I know of who actually enjoyed high school (and school in general). Like, I found going to class enjoyable. I had lots of friends. It was a good time. And while many wouldn't want to actually relive that time, I might. So, my interest is piqued in Valor: Best in Class, a new setting book for the Valor RPG system that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Head to class with a new adventure in the Valor system perfect for beginners and experienced players alike! Best in Class takes you to the world of Valress, the first official campaign setting for Valor: The Heroic RPG. The module will contain all of the rules and characters to play, even if you don’t own a Valor Core Rulebook. This Kickstarter is to cover the final production and paperback printing cost of the module.

The World of Valress is a realm where magic and technology have joined to the advancement of society. The world has grown progressively smaller as modern technology and convenience have helped mortals join together with immortals and tame much of the planet. Dragons who once slept in caves filled with gold now shout orders into their phones as they trade stocks and run billion-dollar companies. The Fey, once wild and untamed now walk among mortals, their fabled Courts having become major tourist destinations. Even the mighty Rakshasa, once feared as eaters of men and deadly hunters have found their place in modern society, their command of illusory magic having spawned entirely new forms of theater that open to sold-out crowds the world over.

The encroaching sprawl of urbanization has greatly diminished the threat of Monster attacks, and with the dawning of the modern era Valress now enjoys the most peaceful era in its long and often bloody history. As great superpowers rise and consolidate their control, war has become the great disruptor, with true war becoming a thing of the past. However, there is still demand for powerful individuals who can face down a charging Manticore or put an angry Revenant to rest. To that end, the world governments continue to sponsor and support one of the oldest professions - that of Knighthood. Knights often serve in the highest echelons of military and police forces, overseeing training, combat readiness, and, when necessary, putting those skills to use. In large cities, many Knights might be on hand to deal with the Revenant of a murder victim, or to extinguish demonic cults that always seem to lurk beneath the surface.

Becoming a Knight isn’t easy, and succeeding at one is even harder. Those who want the best chance will need the best of the best education. One of the top schools in the world, Mercurial University, stands as a beacon of knowledge and history. Part of the highly exclusive Silver League of Universities within the United Provinces of Amastur, Mercurial University is known for turning out some of the best Knights, many of whom go on to serve their country with distinction.

Best in Class places players in the shoes of students preparing to finish their education and become full-fledged Knights. They’ll have to contend with harsh training, mobsters, and, worst of all, final exams!

The campaign is just up and over its goal with 11 days left to go.