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Valley of the Kings Premium Edition On Sale From AEG

The great pharaohs of Egypt knew how to live. They certainly liked the fancier things in life. And so it seems only right to have a premium edition of Valley of the Kings. But you don't want to be spending all your gold in one place. That's why AEG is giving you 25% off this version of the game now in their webshop. No coupon code required. However, if you're in the US and you use the code MUMMY, you'll get free shipping, too.

From the article:

Don't miss this great deal at! Valley of the Kings Premium Edition is now 25% OFF at! Stock your tomb with all the best artifacts, riches, and servants for the afterlife to win. One of the most unique deck-building games as what you remove from your deck is as crucial as what you keep.

Order before this offer ends! And for our US customers, use the code MUMMY for FREE shipping!