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Valkyrie Solo Miniatures Board Game Up On Kickstarter

<whoop! whoop! whoop!>

You know what that means. It's a Giant Robot Alert. This time, it's being triggered by Valkyrie, a new solo miniatures combat board game that's up on Kickstarter. Even if everyone else wasn't able to make it to game night, you can still get some tactical miniatures action piloting your giant mech around, completing missions in a collected campaign.

From the campaign:

In 2060, the world is in chaos. Resources are drying up, military forces freely raid across international borders, and Valkyries, the most powerful war machines ever devised stride across the battlefields on every continent.

Valkyrie is a fast-paced miniatures solitaire board game played on a map. Each game takes roughly 15 minutes to setup and 1 to 2 hours to play.

You command a mix of giant Valkyries striding across the battlefield with your supporting elements of real-world military vehicles like M1 Abrams and T-80 tanks, Strykers, infantry, and more. Each nation fields its own unique mix of Valkyries and conventional vehicles.

The core game provides you with everything you need to command, or play against, the United States and Russian Federation.

As the Kickstarter unfolds, you can unlock nation expansions that will bring the EU and Japan into the game!

The campaign's about 1/3 fo the way to its goal with 20 days left to go.