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Updated Platinum Edition of City Builder Available From Skirmisher Publishing

Skirmisher Publishing is always looking to improve their books, making sure that you get the best product in the end. They've updated their Platinum Edition of their City Builder book. It's been re-designed, it's got new artwork, it's got it all. There's even 18 more pages to it. Go have yourselves a look.

From the announcement:

Skirmisher Publishing has released a revised, updated, expanded, and re-illustrated "Platinum Edition" of its City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities! This sourcebook has been specifically designed to help guide storytellers through the process of creating exciting and compelling communities and places within them for their projects. It is a rules-free universal resource that is intended to be compatible with the needs of any ancient, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, fantasy, or other role-playing milieu.

This edition of City Builder is a dramatically improved version of the original Platinum-bestselling book and has been upgraded in every way possible to make it more user-friendly, enjoyable to read, and visually appealing. Features include:

* Completely rewritten/reedited text and expansion from 174 to 192 pages;

* 70 places, including three new ones, organized into 10 thematic sections (i.e., Craftsman, Entertainment, Professional, Tradesman, Mercantile, Service, Scholarly, Religious, Governmental, and Underworld places);

* Inclusion of several other new features (e.g., a sidebar on Aristocratic Ranks to the chapter on Governmental Places, three sidebars to the entry on Temples);

* Nearly 200 Adventure Hooks;

* All-new custom art in a complementary style and several new full-page, full-color illustrations by noted fantasy artist Amanda Kahl.