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Updated City Builder Volume 6 Available From Skirmisher Publishing

GMs have the task of creating all of existence. That can get to be daunting, especially when dealing with a city. Thankfully, there's resources out there for them, such as the City Builder series from Skirmisher Publishing. They've just released an updated version of City Builder 6: Banks, Pawnshops, Trade Fairs & Other Mercantile Places (just rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?). Considering the amount of buying, selling, and trading that adventurers get up to, this will definitely be a handy book to have.

From the website:

City Builder Volume 6: Mercantile Places is part of a series of 11 complementary books designed to help guide storytellers through the process of creating exciting and compelling urban areas and places within them for their campaigns. It is a universal resource that is intended to be compatible with the needs of any ancient, Dark Ages, Middle Ages, Renaissance, or fantasy setting. 

Its contents include:

  • An Introduction that describes the scope of the series and how to use the material in this volume;
  • Sections devoted to descriptions of Banks, Brokerages, General Stores, Marketplaces, Pawnshops, Scroll Shops, Trade Fairs, Trading Posts, and Warehouses; and
  • One to three Adventure Hooks tying in with each described sort of place.