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Unstable Unicorns Running Here to Slay Card Game Kickstarter

The folks behind the wildly successful Unstable Unicorns card game are back at it with their unique form of cute/vicious artwork. The game's called Here to Slay and it pits you against your foes as you each try to build the best RPG group that you can. Defeat foes while avoiding your opponent's nefarious intents. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Welcome, adventurers! We are so excited to introduce our brand new game, Here to Slay.

Here to Slay is a 2-6 player turn-based role-playing competitive strategic fantasy card game.

In this game, you’ll assemble a full party of heroes to slay dangerous monsters while working to avoid the sabotage of your foes. The game also includes items you can equip to your heroes, 1V1 challenge cards, and roll modifiers to tip the odds in your favor.

The first player to slay three monsters or assemble a full party wins the game!

The campaign's more than 28x funded with 20 days left to go.