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Um, Actually Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Look... we all know those people. Or, hell, you might be one of them. The person that just HAS to be right and correct everyone and everything around them (lord knows I've had some of y'all in the comments. :P ). Well, now there's a game just for you. It's called Um, Actually and it's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

From Gloomhaven to Blood Raven, nerds are passionate about a lot of things… but there's one thing they love above all else, and that is correcting people. 

CollegeHumor is joining forces with Wiggles 3D to bring you the long-awaited home version of their popular game show, Um, Actually! Featuring 100% new questions never seen on the show before!

Um, Actually presents you with statements about the fictional worlds of popular movies, TV shows and books. They all sound right... but listen carefully, because each one has a mistake hidden in it somewhere! It's your job to figure out what's wrong and announce it before anyone else, starting, of course, with the magic phrase: "Um, actually..." 

But even if you know nothing about Sailor Moon or Star Wars, you'll find yourself making wild guesses, stumbling into answers, and having laughs along the way!

The campaign's more than 20x funded with 20 days left to go.