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Ultimate Werewolf Extreme Up On Kickstarter

Since there was no physical Gen Con this year, I missed out on my yearly opportunity of walking the halls and just seeing circles of people slapping their legs in unison while playing Werewolf. Well, though there was no show this year, next year, they might not just be playing Werewolf, but Bezier Games' new Ultimate Werewolf Extreme. This new version of the classic social deduction game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Prepare your village for an amazing social deduction experience with Ultimate Werewolf Extreme.

  •    All new artwork featuring incredible, lifelike illustrations
  •    Fine-tuned core mechanics that create perfect game scenarios
  •    Brand new, thoroughly playtested roles
  •    Unique player items that increase playability and fun
  •    Revolutionary, fully-integrated app that automates setup and gameplay

The Kickstarter is more than 9x funded with 29 days to go.