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USAopoly Releases Fantastic Beasts: Perilous Pursuit

If you'd like to get your hands on some fantstic beasts and don't quite know where to find them, I've got a game for you. USAopoly has released Fantastic Beasts: Perilous Pursuit, based on the popular Harry Potter universe movie. Go out and collect the beasts for yourself before anyone else can.

From the website:

Never before has one suitcase become such a monstrous ordeal! What started with a simple mix-up now means four brave friends must contain magical creatures that have escaped in New York City. Now that we know “where to find them”, the time has come for you to tame them! Unlock the challenge today with Fantastic Beasts™: Perilous Pursuit, a game of chase and chance, available in stores now!

Take on the role of one of four united adventurers—Newt Scamander™, Tina Goldstein™, Jacob Kowalski™, and Queenie Goldstein™—for a journey that began with everyday business and turned into dire damage control.

12 Beasts that have made it from the Wizarding World to Central Park are to thank for this game’s unpredictability, including the trouble-making Niffler, aggressive Graphorn, magical Murtlap, and more! These creatures can only be guided back into Newt’s suitcase with the cooperative efforts of every player, who will each take turns rolling six custom dice to gain the skill and ability required to cast spells.

Press your luck and collect the sets needed in a race to overpower the Beasts and the effects of their damage. In addition to quick thinking and communication, 30 included Insight cards assist with restoring health and increasing your odds of winning. Be sure to keep the Beast Movement Token from getting further away from the suitcase; each move matters to ensure everyone stays safe, or the game is over!

Play a quick game to learn dice combinations, or extend every session to get to know the best ways to stay on top of the game. As each player completes sets, the others can capitalize on their powers to capture all the runaway Beasts! So you don’t have to know the Erumpant dance to win; the more you play, the more you can guide the way to victory—or in this case, a trail leading back to Newt’s luggage.

Relive the suspense of the story that preludes Harry Potter by taking on Fantastic Beasts™: Perilous Pursuit, available at your local game store or online today!