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USAopoly Announces Dungeon Academy Board Game

The regular school year might almost be over, but that doesn't mean the classes come to an end. At least, not if you want to earn your diploma from Dungeon Academy. Only the best adventurers will get one, as they have to compete through several Tests in the custom dungeon. Each round, the dungeon is created by rolling 16 dice, giving a whole new layout each time you play. In the end, only one will get top honors.

From the website:

Take the mighty pen as your proverbial sword for the fight to earn your Adventurer’s Diploma from Dungeon Academy, the exciting roll-and-write game coming soon to North America through The OP! 

Face threatening foes and collect life-restoring potions in this fast and competitive light strategy game, where players take on the role of students pining to graduate from the most renowned school in the realm. This summer brings the release of Dungeon Academy to the US and Canada through a recent partnership with award-winning French game publisher Matagot.

1-6 players are presented with a series of four tests, or Levels, filled with unpredictable Monsters and healing Potions that comprise the floor of the Dungeon. Each level is randomized by 16 six-sided dice, which are rolled into a 3D assembly and inverted, revealing 16 “rooms” of Blobs, Reapers, Ghosts, Colossuses, Health, and Mana to anxious players once the Dungeon “roof” is lifted.