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USAopoly Announces Dragon Ball Z Power Up Board Game

USAopoly is bringing the Dragon Ball Z crew to your tabletops in a new game. Jump up the various levels as you train harder and harder. Get your power levels over 9000 and reach the top in your quest for the legendary Dragon Balls. Dragon Ball Z Power Up is coming later this fall.

From the website:

The Z Fighters train for thousands of years to earn a top spot among the others, and the suspense is building for their fiercest battle yet! Gather a group of friends to stand behind characters from your favorite anime, when Dragon Ball Z Power Up! Board Game sets the scene this fall!

Live out your enthusiasm for all things Dragon Ball Z and choose your personal champion in this new 3-D board game for fans of all the sagas. Outsmarting your challengers, choosing wisely, and expecting the unexpected are all part of earning your title as you attempt to scale different positions on a multi-level board.

Take warriors such as Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, and more to Level 10 before the others catch on to win an action-packed, multiple round game. Details are just charging up on how to get in on a Dragon Ball Z battle like you've never seen before. Stay on top of our social media pages for more!