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USAopoly Announces Disney Geek Out

Many of us know someone who knows every Disney movie inside and out (or maybe that person is you). If so, I've got a game for them/you. It's Geek Out! Disney edition from USAopoly. Test your Disney movie trivia in multiple rounds of questions, trying to get the high score. Just don't get answers wrong, or you'll lose points. Will you live your happily ever after in the winner's circle?

From the announcement:

Can you think of at least two Disney characters who can fly? How about two or more Disney characters that sing to animals? 

If you didn’t need a Genie to answer these questions, look forward to a whole new world of fun with Geek Out! Disney, The OP’s forthcoming trivia-based party game made especially for Disney connoisseurs!

This enchanting version of Geek Out!, which lets know-it-alls boast their expertise in certain topics to win, presents fantasy and animated film buffs with the ultimate test of Disney knowledge. Players are inspired to rack their brain on random Disney-related factoids while challenging others to “out-geek” them with their rivaling knowledge! 

A six-sided die determines which of five magical categories the question will address: Disney animation, Pixar, Live Action, Music and Miscellaneous. After the prompt is read, bidding begins for the most examples a player or team can provide for it, e.g. “characters from Aladdin”, “sports played in Pixar films”, or “films in which a character makes a wish”.

Players then bounce wagers back and forth between teams or circle the table to goad unreachable claims, instilling a “Believe you can, then you will” attitude in those who dare to bluff! If your wisdom rivals that of Merlin the Wizard, you’ll gain one point! However, coming up short hits you with a minus 2! (Luckily, players in the negative can still pull a Frankenweenie and make a comeback.) 

It’s a Lightning McQueen push to first place as the player who reaches 5 points takes the game. Geek Out! Disney is designed for 2 or more players, ages 10 and up, and is slated for stores this fall!