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Tyranid Monsters Getting More Monstrous

The Tyranids have some truly horrific members of their hive. And they're only getting more nasty with the new codex that's coming soon. We get a look at how a few of them are changing in this preview. We're gonna need to get bigger cans of Raid.

From the article:

A shadow hangs over the galaxy in Warhammer 40,000, the shadow of the Hive Fleets. Codex: Tyranids is making its way inexorably towards fans, presumably to devour them – or at least their hobby time.

We’ve already seen the Synaptic Imperative rule, and now we’re moving on from brains to gene-spliced brawn as we take a look at the most enormous beasts the Tyranids can bring to battle. There are fundamental changes to the latest evolutions of these biomorphic fiends from the old versions you once knew.

Every big bug in the army is improving, but we’re going to take a look at two of the biggest winners in a codex that is absolutely packed with more grisly gargantuans than you shake a bonesword at.