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Two Robots Card Game Coming Soon to Kickstarter

In the distant future, mankind is just coming out from the War of the Five Factions. However, the devastation has left few resources, so more combat is sure to occur. In Two Robots, a new card game coming to Kickstarter soon, players take on the role of builders. They are trying to gather parts to create two robots (oooh, now I get the name...) or to eliminate their opposition.

From the website:

The year is 2876 on a far distant planet named Rennova. Humankind has emerged from their bunkers following the War of the Five Factions. Across the barren landscapes lie mountains of steel, fields of metal, and vast expanses of damaged robots. To help rebuild Rennova to its once great glory, humans worked alongside Salvagers. With disagreements about how to restore the planet, war broke out again between opposing tribes.

Two Robots is a fast-paced, strategic card game of set collection and player elimination in a far distant future. Players in the game control Salvagers with special abilities attempting to build more robots than their friends. Be the first to eliminate all players or build Two Robots, the choice is yours.