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Two Print on Demand Figures Available From Games Workshop

Games Workshop might be running at low capacity during the outbreak, but they've still got some stuff going on. For example, they have a Sister of Battle and a Space Marine Librarian as part of their made-to-order sets over on their website. You've only got a couple weeks to get in on them, if you want. Head over now.

From the website:

Get both Lexicanum Varus and Sister Tariana Palos in one fell swoop, and banish FOMO for good.

Why choose between unquenchable faith and unstoppable power when you can have both? Each of these models is exclusively available for the first time during this Made to Order period, and after that they’re gone forever.

These models will be shipped later on this year.

This bundle includes:

- 1 Lexicanum Varus, a Terminator-armoured Librarian armed with a force stave and wrist-mounted storm bolter
- 1 Sister Tariana Palos, a Sister of Battle armed with a bolter, bolt pistol and grenades

These models will be available for the first and last time during this Made to Order period. Order today to secure yours before they’re gone for good!