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Two New Shadows of Brimstone Adventures Up On Kickstarter

Flying Frog Productions is looking to get you a pair of new Shadows of Brimstone adventures, and they're taking to Kickstarter to get them funded. First, become a guardian of Asgard in Gates of Valhalla. Then, trek through a dark and dangrous swamp in Valley of the Serpent Kings.

From the campaign:

This Kickstarter features 2 brand new, stand-alone Shadows of Brimstone Adventure Sets – Gates of Valhalla and Valley of the Serpent Kings

   Norse Vikings and Spanish Conquistadors  are some of history's most ambitious and cunning explorers, setting out  with sailing ships on voyages of discovery and conquest into uncharted territory. Each of these sets focuses on a new group of Explorer-themed Hero characters, venturing out on expeditions into lands that have been tainted by Dark Stone, and journeying through fantastic gateways into alien Worlds.

       Each of these sets is fully compatible with all previous Shadows of Brimstone material, but can also be played on its own as a stand-alone Adventure Set!

The Kickstarter is doing well, being something like 15x more than their funding goal, and then some, with 11 days left to go.