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Two New Separatist Expansion Announced For Star Wars: Armada

Soon, Separatist forces in Star Wars: Armada will be getting a pair of new ships to add to the fleet. They're the Invisible Hand and the Recusant-Class Destroyer. Get a look at what they're capable of in this preview.

From the article:

Separatist fleets sweep across the galaxy like an unstoppable machine, brushing aside any resistance. The only thing standing between them and total galactic domination is the Republic Navy. To defeat this foe, Separatist leaders add to their arsenal with new technological monstrosities that will ensure victory in the Clone Wars.

Now that Star Wars: Armada has fully entered this new era of the Star Wars™ saga with the Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter and the Separatist Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack, even more ships are on their way to round out your Separatist fleets: