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Two New Rulebooks Available From One Page Rules

It's amazing just how prolifing the folks over at One Page Rules are. They've got not one, but two new rulebooks available for you today. One's for Age of Fantasy Skirmish and the other is Grimdark Future Firefight. As one would expect, they're smaller-scale games (in terms of number of minis, not the minis themselves) that you can easily play on your kitchen tables. They've also got a new 3D print model as well, because two rulebooks just wasn't enough for a proper update.

From the announcement:

Hi there,

Yes, you read that right, today we’re releasing two brand new rulebooks, as well as a shiny new 3D print model, so there’s lots of cool stuff for you! :D

Firefight & Skirmish Rulebooks

It’s with great pleasure that today we’re finally releasing the full rulebooks for both Grimdark Future: Firefight and Age of Fantasy: Skirmish!

Before we get into the contents we’d like to present you the new cover art for these rulebooks, another stunning work by the wonderful Brandon Gillam.