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Two New Releases Available From RoosterFin Games

A pair of new games are soon hitting tabletops all over as players pick up a pair of releases from RoosterFin. Rabbit Pirates and Might Pig Tug are family-friendly tiles that are easy to teach and learn. Along with the new releases, RoosterFin has started doing regular live sessions over on the Facebook page talking about not just their games, but all aspects of gaming. Be sure to check those out, too.

From the website:

We’ve been in the business of creating educational board and card games for children and families for many years now. But every so often, it’s good to try something new. If you’ve noticed that a few things are different around here at RoosterFin Games, you’d be right.

Recently, we’ve started to branch out and try our hand at consistently publishing blog articles for our customers. And, we’re starting to produce Facebook Live Shows. Why Facebook Live? Well, we think it’s a great way to connect with fans and readers. And Facebook Live is the perfect way to bring new, exciting stories to you.

That’s right. Our games wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if the characters didn’t have a cute story to go along with them. So, we’ve commissioned a successful fiction author and experienced copywriter to produce customized stories about the RoosterFin Games characters.

With the introduction of our newest game, Mighty Pig Tug, we’ve created a whole new world for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Mighty Pig Tug isn’t like other board games. The Mighty Pig Tug characters have a story. And did you know that the Rooster in Rooster Race name is Rigg? It’s true, and he is also very nosy.

The RoosterFin family is committed to bringing you live readings of the game characters you know and love every Thursday night. So, snuggle up with that special someone every Thursday at 8 pm EST, and tune into the RoosterFin Games Facebook page. You’ll hear about the misadventures and life lessons learned of Rigg, Petrified Piglet, the Lumpy Cubes Heroes, and more cute and cuddly creatures.