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Two New Mythic Americas Sets Available to Pre-Order From Warlord Games

There's two new sets available to pre-order from Warlord Games for Mythic Americas. They're the Aztec Eagle Warriors with Slings and the Tribal Nations Mohawk Warriors with Clubs. If you're looking to add some First Nations fantasy action to your tabletops, this is the game to go with.

The elite ranged units for the Aztecs, these warriors, utilizing the fast special rule, can zip around the battlefield and rain ranged attacks down upon their opponents.

Slings are a particularly potent option, giving the bearers the option of a double ranged attack when given a fire order, either as an action or a reaction.

Mohawk Warriors are the core melee unit in the Tribal Nations warband. Their default weapon is the humble yet ever-effective club. These agile warriors use terrain to their advantage to unleash deadly ambushes.

These new sculpts join the already available Tomahawk-armed warriors, lending greater variety and tactical flexibility to a Tribal Nations Warband.