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Two New Factions for Dragonbond Up On Kickstarter

<weewoo weewoo weewoo> Giant dragon alert! We have Giant Dragon Alert! Lots of alerts going off today. This time around, what's causing it is Draco Studios with a pair of new factions for their Dragonbond miniatures game. You can head over and get yourself the Nahuac and Ysval now over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

This is our second Kickstarter campaign for the Dragonbond: BattlesofValerna wargame, which we launched with the successful Allaria & Tyveria campaign here! As promised, here are the two other great powers of Valerna, ancestral Nahuac and blessed Ysval, ready to enter the fray!

Valerna is a continent filled with magic, powerful nations, great heroes and dragons. These forces fight to exert their own ideals in a land with no gods, where only mortals, and how they use their power, can decide the world's fate.

The campaign's more than 2x funded with 21 days left to go.