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Two New Box Sets Available to Pre-Order For Moonstone

The forces of the wild are fighting over the resources of the forest in the Moonstone miniatures game. The Fae and the Gnomes are duking it out and new reinforcements are about to hit the battlefield. The Faeries are getting the new Blood Magic set while the Gnomes will be working with the Outlanders kit. Both are available for pre-order now.

From the press release:

This month sees the release of two new Troupe Boxes for Moonstone - Outlanders and Blood Magic!

Blood Magic is our first major expansion for Faerie players including the most hotly awaited Moonstone release of all time - Diana, Queen of the Fae.

While our Nordic themed Gnomes lead by Princess Joanna give our Gnome players significantly more options in building their Troupe lists.

It's battle of the boss girls – Diana Vs Joanna!

Release date for both boxes is 21 August but they are available to pre-order right now via our Webstore.

Both are priced at £21 RRP, are cast in high quality resin and include stat cards and bases.

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