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Two Latari Elf Releases Available For Runewars

The elves of Latari are bulking up their forces and keeping their forests safe with a pair of new releases for Runewars. On one side, it's a centauric cavalry unit. The other, a new hero in both mounted and on-foot versions. We must protect the trees!

From the release:

The four great factions of Terrinoth take to the battlefield in Runewars Miniatures Game! In the southern reaches of the realm, the Aymhelin, the greatest forest in all of Mennara, guards those who reside beneath the boughs of giant trees whose ivory trunks stretch to the sky. Here, the insular Latari Elves have lived for centuries, peaceful but ever-vigilant of the Ru that borders their territory to the east. 

Now, fires burn in the Darklands once again and the Latari must call upon old allies to confront the renewed threat of the Locust Swarm. An exiled prince returns and old allies renew their oaths as the warhorns herald the coming darkness once more. The Prince Faolan Hero Expansionand the Ventala Skirmishers Unit Expansionare on sale now at your local retailer or online through our website!