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Two Expansion Books for Forbidden Lands RPG Up On Kickstarter

Free League Publishing is looking to add not just one, but two new books to their award-winning Forbidden Lands RPG. The Book of Beasts is chock full of new horrors to throw at your adventurers. Meanwhile, The Bloodmarch is a new campaign book, expanding the world and giving your group many sessions of adventure. The books are up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Forbidden Lands is growing bigger – and more dangerous! This Kickstarter offers not just one but two major expansions for the multiple award-winning Forbidden Lands retro-fantasy survival RPG:

  • The Book of Beasts, a bestiary you can play, beautifully illustrated and filled to the brim with murderous monsters and lethal encounters.
  •  The Bloodmarch, a campaign book expanding the game world and including a full campaign – Legacy of Horn.

Come join us in making these books a reality and also to help us to fill them with Forbidden Lands goodness!

The campaign's more than 17x funded with 22 days left to go.