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Tussie Mussie Expansion Packs Up On Kickstarter

It's getting into late spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a perfect time to get some new plants, head out into the garden, and get them going. Chief among them are flowers, with the Victorians having all manner of special meanings behind them. That's where Tussie Mussie comes in, as it's a game all about this language of flowers. A whole bouquet of expansions (see what I did there?) is up on Kickstarter, along with a reprint of the original game.

From the campaign:

The Tussie Mussie Expansion Collection (and well overdue base game reprint) is here!

Tussie mussies exemplified the Victorian custom of assigning meaning to the flowers that friends and lovers exchanged. Inspired by the ideals of elegance and discretion, these bouquets were carefully made to convey subtle messages to their recipients. Now you can choose the right flowers to make a winning tussie mussie of your own!

Tussie-Mussie is based on a Victorian fad that assigned meanings to the flowers that friends and lovers exchanged.

Featuring I-Divide-You-Choose drafting, this 18 card game is played over three rounds. In turn, players look at the top two cards of the deck, then offer them, one face-up and one facedown, to an opponent. That opponent takes one, leaving the other for the active player. A round ends when each player has four cards, at which point the scores are tallied. The highest score after three rounds wins!

The campaign's more than 41x funded but only has 8 days left to go.