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Trudvan World Overview Part III Posted by CMON

Trudvang Legends, coming from CMON and RiotMinds, gives players a new way to travel the land of Trudvang. It is a land that is full of dangers and wonder. In an ongoing series, CMON is giving us a look inside that world, going to the different regions. This time around, we get a look into the Stormlands.

From the post:

There are many regions of Trudvang that are wild and untamed. But the region that contains the wildest and most untamed lands, by far, are the Stormlands. During our continued trip through the regions of the continent, we head east of Mittland, into an area dominated by the fight between chaos and order, and many times, chaos reigns supreme. Let’s take a deeper look.

The Stormlands are home to rough and rugged people descended from the Wildfolk of the Noordland. Their lineage does them well, as any weaker individual would soon succumb to the whims of nature as they ravage across the land. These Stormlanders are in constant battle against powerful elemental forces. Nature is always trying to reconquer anything that man attempts to build. The ground, itself, seems to fight against anything being built upon it, and the region is cut through by harsh rivers filled with deadly rapids, jagged mountains that dare anyone to attempt to step foot onto them, and deep forests filled with untamed creatures that would as soon eat a man as look at them. Forming a settlement and working the land is almost impossible… almost.