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Trilemma Adventures Compendium Locations Book Up On Kickstarter

Being a GM is rough. You've got an entire world to create, along with everyone in it, and the adventures that the party will go on. It's good to have resources where you can just drag and drop elements into your game. The Trilemma Adventures Compendium is just such a resource, full of adventures, locations, and more. The book is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

For five years I've been writing and illustrating fantasy adventure locations, including award-winning dungeons like the Sky-Blind Spire, the Lantern of Wyv, and the Mermaids’ Knot. Now, I’m compiling them into a glorious hardcover compendium.

Each adventure is lovingly illustrated, and fits on a single page or spread, making it easy use as a one-shot, a drop-in location in your home-grown campaign setting, or a source of ideas for your own creations.

The adventures in the book are dungeons, ruined towers, underworld mega-caverns, creepy cult hideouts, treacherous cities, and deadly wilderness regions, all in the same easy-to-reference format.

My adventures are inspired by the weather-stained heroism of Middle Earth, the grounded, emotional honesty of Earthsea, and the fantastic whimsey of stories like Rupert Bear.

There are classic underground loot grabs, encounters wondrous and weird, terrors from ages past, and apocalyptic showdowns—48 complete scenarios in all.

The campaign's around 15x funded with 23 days left to go.