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Trilaterum Sci-Fi Minis Game Now Available

Humanity has always been a species of movement. "What's over there?" is in our DNA. In the distant future, this has included heading off of our planet in search of more places to colonize. Of course, we found out also that we weren't alone. Some alien races were kind. Others hostile. That's the world you find yourself in in Trilaterum, the new sci-fi minis game that's available to order now.

From the announcement:

We are proud to announce we are now a licensed printer of the IllGottenGames library of 3d models.  If it is not in our store feel free to reach out to us for a quote for anything in their extensive library.  

Set thousands of years in the future, mankind has started to colonize other planets. In doing so they have encountered many friendly as well as hostile species. Inevitably, war has broken out on many worlds and all sides strive to win in the name of their respective species.